In line with the objectives of the home, each service user will have an individually designed activities programme, providing the opportunity to participate in a range of meaningful and appropriate educational, occupational and leisure pursuits. We encourage service users to provide as much information as possible about their social, cultural and leisure interests as a basis for these activities. Service users are also encouraged to continue existing hobbies and relationships as well as exploring new avenues and experiences.

Individual Assessment

A detailed pre-admission assessment is carried out without obligation, by our experienced team prior to a placement offer being made. Valuing the unique and complex needs of each person referred to the service this forms the basis of an individual service plan that includes risk assessment and management plans. Fees charged for residential services depend on the assessed level of care required by the person. The weekly fee covers the full range of mutually agreed services which is defined in the terms and conditions of the service users’ documents, following the assessment process.